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You are Star Dust

Understanding precisely how stars cook up all the elements in the universe in their nuclear furnaces and then explosively distribute them has been the grandest triumph of all for nuclear physicists.
"You and your neighbor and I, each one of us and all of us, are truly and literally . . . stardust."
William A. Fowler, Nobel Prize 1983

You are the Universe

“In an expanding space all momenta decrease . . . This simple law has an even simpler interpretation in wave mechanics: all wavelengths, being inversely proportional to the momenta, simply expand with space.”
Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Prize 1933

The Universe expands, you expand. The Universe contracts, you contract. You are the Universe.

UPDATED: "On the Variation in the Speed of Light in Schwarzschild and Friedmann Geometries". This preprint includes superb fits to current Hubble redshift data sets and a derivation of Einstein redshift in Schwarzschild geometry. It is based on an amazing 1907 paper by Albert Einstein!

EHS Physics "The Collapsing Universe". This is the presentation for Jeff Hashimoto's physics class at Ellensburg High School, June 2, 2014.

REPOSTED: "Oxygen on Everest". Summary of Tom Hornbein's seminal 1962 research.